• Young Reporters

    Young Reporters


    Thornapple Street News, Shepherd Street News, and Leland Street Sunday News may have been produced decades apart and on different streets in Chevy Chase, but they all reflect the joys of play, adventurous and curious spirit of youth, and the support and encouragement of community. From interviewing their neighbors, to writing, printing, and distributing, children published these newspapers from start to finish in the basements and offices of their homes. Despite the amount of work involved, these young reporters captured the news of their neighborhoods and the world, from new pets to new presidents, all with honesty and humor. 

    Image credit: The Thornapple Street News staff, c. 1933. 


  • Young Reporters

    Young reporters delivering the Thornapple Street Newspaper

    In this exhibit, we explore the three newspapers published by the children of Chevy Chase.

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  • Let's Play!

    Cartoon of a baseball player at bat from the Thornapple Street News c. 1932

    Learn about the elements of fun involved in producing a weekly newspaper.

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  • Tricks of the Trade

    Woman working a mimeograph machine

    In this section, we explore the four key steps in making a newspaper: reporting, editing, production and distribution.

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  • Local Knowledge

    Hand drawn map of Leland Street from the Leeland Street News c. 1974

    This section discusses the community contribution s to the newspapers and the connections fostered in the community by the newspapers.

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  • Beyond Chevy Chase

    Leland Street News Cartoon

    Read about how the young reporters used the newspapers to explore new places, different cultures, and global events.

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  • Kids' News Today

    Image of children at Halloween Party

    This section discusses the work of young reporters today and has suggestions for how children can report on their everyday surroundings, family and adventures.

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  • About the Exhibit

    Staff Image of Young Reporters

    Read the exhibition credits, selected bibliography, resources from the Chevy Chase Historical Society, and web resources.

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